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New pandemic possible after corona: Ian Lipkin

COVID-19 seems to be the worst global catastrophe mankind has faced so far, but international virologist warns the world of many such pandemics after corona.

The United Nations has called the coronavirus pandemic the worst pandemic, humanity has faced since World War II.

With more than 2 million people infected and over 150,000 dead, coronavirus remains the biggest challenge the world has ever faced.

But according to internationally-acclaimed virologist Dr Ian Lipkin, the worst is yet to come

According to Lipkin, after the Covid-19 pandemic, the humanity has more such dangers waiting for it in the future. Dr Lipkin said that increased human activity has increased the risks of such health hazards According to LipKin, the future will see more such dangerous pandemics.

We are seeing these much more frequently because of deforestation, population migration.

Since the Spanish Flu, there have been many epidemics such as AIDS, Nipah, Chikungunya, SARS-1, MERS

Dr. Lipkin claims to have followed at least 15 such potential pandemics Alarmingly, he said, "I am not convinced coronavirus is the worst we will face. We can absolutely have another pandemic if we don't change how we interact with our natural environment. We are going to have this problem continuously," he said.

"Climate change has forced people to move, we have international trade which allows diseases to spread rapidly.

We have people who no longer have access to proteins so they have to eat wild animals which carry disease. We have wealthy people who keep exotic pets who can infect humans," he added.

To prevent such outbreaks from occurring again, Lipkin stressed on the need for changing our patterns of living.

We need to develop the international data sharing technology to restructure the international trade

Dr.Lipkin has also said that there is no other solution to battle the coronavirus but a vaccine

The whole world needs to stop and rethink to avoid the mistakes it made to prevent such catastrophe in future.


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